What is a Mesh Environment?

Your facility is filled with staff, tools, and guests. Mesh has created a platform to connect these elements using AI, sensor technologies, and your institutional memory. We help reduce staff load and human error, connect your guests to each other and the outside world, and reduce costs dramatically. And, we give you immediate, clear metrics on what's working and what's not. A Mesh Environment is your digital transformation.

Modular, Interactive Tools

Mesh works not because of the individual tools, but because everything works together seamlessly. Connect everything from a video-chat screen to a hand sanitizer to a blood pressure monitoring station, and everything is automatically connected, ready to streamline your facility.

Self-Contained, Scalable

Seamlessly connect up to 2,000 devices, blanketing an entire campus, or it can provide value as a standalone device. Importantly, it can do both - in the event of a disaster, any Mesh can save lives even if every other one is incapacitated.

Connected, Secure

We don't build services, we integrate them. That means that if your guest's families use a tool, we use it, too. Your guests are seamlessly connected to the outside, but not us. The core of our system is local, which means no hacker will ever have access to your Mesh.


We're here to answer any questions you may have.